Thursday, September 10, 2009


For the next two weeks I am currently only offering out calls due to personal reasons. I am available most times provided that a notice of 2 hours is given and I normally work 24 hours, 7 days per week. If you prefer a late night booking, I would appreciate it if you called me earlier in the day so I can arrange me schedule out of courtesy to my other clients.

If you would like to book an appointment, please call 778 686 - 9795

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rates and Services

My services;

Full service, Safe G.F.E., Kissing is up to my discretion based on personal hygiene, squirting, gushing, unlimited releases in hour or multi hour sessions and a variety of positions. All sessions are completely inclusive within my rates, tipping is NOT mandatory (although appreciated) NOR is there any upselling, unless you would of course like to book an additional hour ;) Abuse of my time will not be tolerated.

My Do NOTS; Greek and absolutely no services will be provided without using protection, there are NO exceptions to this rule and trying to bribe me with extra money to do so will result in my hanging up the phone on you or my asking you to leave my residence immediately. I also do not partake in any fetishes, foot worship, beatings etc.

My RATES: Are NOT negotiable and the only circumstances when I would be willing to negotiate them are for booking multiple hour sessions outside of the rates listed below.

Incall Rates:

$80 - 15 minutes of quick action (no squirting and no GFE)
$140 - 1/2 hour - includes servies above (no squirting and no GFE)
$200 - 1 hour - includes services above
$280 - 1.5 hours - includes services above
$380 - 2 hours - includes services above (plus cocktails and snacks)
$500 - 3 hours - includes services above (plus cocktails and snacks)

Outcall Rates:

Outcalls are ONLY available for hour or multi hour bookings, and rates are the same as above, plus an additional driver/security fee which is based on your location. For area's such as Langley, White Rock, Chilliwack etc. a minimum of a 2 hour booking is mandatory.

To book an appointment please call 778 686 - 9795

What is Squirting?

Squirting is also called female ejaculation, it is made up of natural fluids that the body produces including: glucose, fructose, water and semen and emits from a gland referred to as the Skenes gland, which is located near the G-spot. Unlike contrary belief, not all women can squirt nor can they learn how to squirt, given the fact that not all women have a Skenes gland, in fact recent statistics show that only 30% of the female population do have Skenes gland and can actually squirt. A lot of women that are capable of squirting usually aren't aware of it until a sexual encounter occours, thus usually making it quite a surprise for both parties involved.

Squirt juice, as I often refer to it as being, can vary in smell and taste due to food and fluid intake, just as a man's semen can do so as well. Some times it is completely odorless, other times it can be strong smelling and at other times it can also be very sweet smelling and tasting, diet plays a huge role in the smell and taste.

Squirt juice is NOT urine and it is not milk expressed from breasts (lactation) as some men would like to believe, it is also NOT brought on by the bearing of children, NOR is it caused by a loose vagina, as other men would like to believe. Considering I could squirt before I had any children, I know that is a myth and considering I have extremely well equipped vaginal muscles, again having a "loose vagina" is another myth.

To book an appointment please call 778 686 - 9795

About Me

I am the Squirting Milf aka Miss Squirty, yes I really do squirt and can sometimes squirt anywhere up to 9.5 feet. Squirting is a talent that I was blessed to experience for the very first time at a young age, so it is something I have learned to master in an on demand basis for my clients. I am a 37 year old woman, although I have been told that I certainly don't look my age. I am approximately 5 foot 5 in height, 150 to 155 lbs, 36D bust, 31 waist, 36 hips, with shoulder length curly, golden brown hair and milky white skin. As you can see from my measurements I am quite curvy and am frequently complimented on the roundess of my bottom, as well as the firmness and perkiness of my breasts. I have no tattoo's, no peircings (aside from my ears) and no stretchmarks of any sort.

Privacy, I will not under any circumstances provide pictures of my face, as I do have children and own a company, so my discretion is to be respected just as you would expect yours to be. If by chance you are unable to reach me and leave me a voicemail with your return telephone number, I will keep that information for a few short hours and afterwards it will be removed from my call display in order to prevent "personal details" possibly being exposed. The only events that I will keep ANY personal information is when you specifically give me the consent to do so or if I have been abused (telephone harrassment etc.) or violated, at which time all information will be provided to the police department.

I enjoy the company of a more relaxed gentleman versus rushed and uptight as it doesn't suit well with my squirting service, since I like to feel comfortable, thus being able to provide the wettest squirting show I possibly can during our time spent together. I, myself am a very down to earth, relaxed lady that provides non rushed services, I am casual, yet very intellectual, enjoy a great sense of humour and expect common courtesy and polite ettiquette when you correspond with me. I also prefer to correspond via telephone versus emailing or texting back and forth, thus allowing me to get a better determination of your personality so that I may decide whether or not I would like to set up a session for you to come and experience my squirting services.

I am also a drug free lady, I do enjoy cocktails from time to time and I will not condone the use of crack cocaine, meth or any other heavy substances to be used in my presence (I am 420 friendly, however I personally do not smoke it). More often than not, these heavier substances create agressive and violent behaviours and that is something I will not tolerate around me.

If you would like to arrange an appointment with me, you can do so by calling 778 686 - 9795